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Written by a NHS patient
20th November 2021

Dr Adewusi was amazing! He put me at ease from the beginning and was very patient with me while I was tripping over myself trying to explain everything that was making me so anxious and the steps that led to me thinking I have ADHD. He was very kind, very understanding, very helpful in giving me the time and cues to find my words, and he was very polite and considerate without being stuffy. He adapted to my being somewhat rudely (unintentionally) direct, and I appreciated that he wasn't rigid in his approach and therefore made the assessment flow very organically. He even called me personally to inform me of some mix-ups with the appointment (it got rescheduled twice), and explained and apologised even though it wasn't his fault. I very much appreciated the hands on approach and his consideration. By the end, I was so relaxed that I even forgot that I just got diagnosed with a chronic mental illness! In fairness, it was a relief to finally have an explanation for my problems, but his attitude and bedside manner definitely contributed to the positive ending. And for all of that I am very grateful :)

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