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Written by a NHS patient
25th November 2021

I have had a very positive experience with PsychiatryUK. I was seen and assessed quickly (Referred February, assessed April) - though I did have to wait until August to begin titration onto the medication. All of the staff have been fantastic with me, very responsive to questions and queries, and the support i've had from the psychiatrist was great. The only reason I have dropped half a star on the recommendation is that the period between April and August whilst waiting for titration was not a great time - i feel that the waiting list for titration needs to be addressed, as it's a really hard place to be in, knowing that the light at the end of the tunnel is so far away. If there weren't the wait list, i wouldn't hesitate in recommending them (and in fact, i have done - though i did explain about the wait for meds).

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